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Living Words: Poetry & Prose
Living Words: Poetry & Prose
Living Words: Poetry & Prose
with Phillip Shabazz
Professional Development for Teachers

Spend three afternoon sessions in “a teachers’ seminar” with peers who are deeply committed to learning more about the craft of writing poetry and prose. The seminar offers professional development in a supportive and dynamic environment.

To improve student writing, the sessions provide training which allows you to: 

  • Identify the traits of good poetry and prose, relate them to the Common Core Standards, and model them in your classroom. 
  • Develop specific poetry-writing and reading skills of your own and those of your students.  
  • Discover up-do-date ideas for using strategies to help each student meet the new rigor and requirements of grade-level writing standards.  
  • Learn how to talk about poems and prose with expertise and precision. 
  • Acquire analytical skills for conducting deep and wide-ranging discussions of student writing. 
  • Teach the writing and reading of poetry and prose with confidence. 
  • Transfer these skills to novels, stories, and playwriting. 
  • Improve your students’ writing in each of the Common Core’s text types using practical strategies and student-friendly rubrics. 
  • Expand your knowledge of the current writing standards at your grade level. 
  • Establish a classroom of creative thinkers who understand not only how to write poetry and prose, but also how to analyze their work.

Contact Phillip Shabazz for more information at pshabazz@gmail.com

“Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his works.” —Virginia Woolf

Living Words: Poetry & Prose