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    Info: The Tutoring Project is a writing enrichment program for young writers in elementary,
middle, and high school. The focus builds on combining creative writing, effective public
speaking, and hands on preparation for a Poetry Slam. Participating students sharpen their skills
and talents in poetry and prose including fiction, and essays. Each workshop lasts 80 minutes,
and meets twice a month or optionally once a month.

    What’s In It for You: I provide a tutoring package, an easy to follow, thorough study plan •
copies of my comprehensive guidelines • unlimited email support • structured, helpful tutoring
sessions which include reading and writing and speaking activities to get my students to • use
poetic devices and themes • create interesting characters and plot• scene and situation • employ
imagination, rhythm, surprise, intrigue and humor • develop style, and imagery • build conflict,
tension and tone • balance literal and figurative language • select word choice • analytical
thinking and reasoning for essays, all of which focus on using the voice as a wonderful
instrument which makes creative writing come alive.

    What I Deliver: Planning, I bring samples of successful poems, fiction, and essays which are
used as prompts and reference material. I have found this approach to be an amazing starting
point, and a powerful baseline for writing ideas. Mentoring, I offer detailed and thorough
critique, feedback, and advice on written work, tailored to whatever level the student is at.

    Process: Each session begin by our responding to a student’s writing, or selected published piece
as a model. We write from a specific prompt, and share the work. To close the session, we
review literary craft through examples and take-home assignments to build on what we learn.
Students receive written editorial suggestions for their poems, fiction, and essays from the
instructor and class members.

    Philosophy: We work with model poetry and exemplary writing samples to help students
develop the ability to analyze just how the craft of poetry, essays, and creative writing does
magical things. I encourage them to develop their own awareness of what their writing needs
are, and to follow that above all.

    Decorum: I ensure that workshops are both candid and constructive by asking students to first
set aside their preconceived aesthetics or notions of what “good writing” should be, and to
concentrate foremost on seeing, and reflecting back to the samples of exemplary work at hand. 
This way we can work together to create an atmosphere in which everyone feels free to comment
and present their writing, and increase their sense of momentum towards completing their own

    Goal: My basic aim of the workshop is to work with a responsive, committed group of young
writers who take one another's writing seriously, produce new work, and use the tools of craft to
revise written work, all towards helping students succeed in their work with a minimum amount
of stress on their part.

    Poetry Slam/Reception: We plan to have this event periodically at 6:00pm on a designated
Thursday, and at a public place such as the library, coffeehouse, arts center etc. Certificates are
awarded to the winners of 1st, 2nd, 3rd place, and Honorable Mention. Three people serve as

        Duration: We meet once or twice a month during the school year.

        Supplies: Participants need pencils, paper, laptop, and writing folders, or a writer’s notebook.

        What to bring: Students bring a snack.

        Numbers: 5-15 students per school, and 3 students per session off campus.

        Enrollment: *Students register, rather than walk-in.
With Phillip Shabazz