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Deja Palmer-Reese
7th grade
Reedy Creek Middle School

Walking on a cool spring day
Looking at all the yellow pollen that lay
Resting on grass flowers and trees being free as can be
I guess that's how the slaves wanted to be instead of locked in captivity
Into their work they put blood sweat and tears
Looking at the whip that see their own blood smeared
Little kids seeing their parents hung by their throat
While some are getting sold by their own kind for a nice new coat
While some are brave and runway
Others may stay and continue to work for no pay
And the masters thinks it's funny like a joke
Seeing human beings getting hung by their neck with rope
But I'm proud to be an African American girl
Living my life in this big cruel world
And I give Harriet Tubman and others full respect
But you see there is no sign of the slave master who gave their slaves full neglect

                                                                  The Dawn of the Bully
           James Sigmon
         Grade 7
           Reedy Creek Middle School

The summer day was one million degrees hot. Summer school had just started, and my face was as red as a beet. An endless river of sweat was going down my spine as I walked to first period. There was not much in the corridor. Right next to me was the ISS room and a couple of lockers in multiple colors. As I walked on the colorful clumped concrete tiles on the floor, I couldn’t help but notice a few people walking around like bees in a beehive, but little did I know one was about to sting me. I saw a shadowy figure in front of me as I turned around and saw his eyes. They were red like blood and fire mixed and were quite soulless. Then CRACK! The figure punched me out of the park, my eye swelling up like a Copper Head bite. He grabbed me by the shirt collar and took my lunch money, then dropped me on the ground. Then he kicked my stomach as I ran to the principal's office to report him.

Childhood Innocence
by Sophia R. 

What if there was a place,
A place from your childhood imagination,
A place where everyone was accepted

The place we thought the world was 
when we were young,
When we didn’t have a care,
When we only saw the good side.

When we were all optimistic,
When we all had big dreams 
that we knew were going to come true.

What happened to that world?
What happened to wishing on a star?
What happened to the smiles that spread to our eyes?

Minnie and Mickey,
Donald and Daisy,
Goofy and Pluto.
They all represented innocents,
The innocents we all used to have.
They all represented the happiness in our childhood.
But we can’t stay young forever.

You Are The World
By Cooper H.

If you ever think you're nothing
Then listen to this little something
The world is pretty big
And you may feel like a little twig

But remember, to someone you are the world
So next time you feel like crying
Or think you're done trying
Just remember, to someone you are the world
So keep on pushing forward
Keep on going toward your best
Because to someone you are the world

The Menagerie of our Souls 
by Logan S. 

Lifting swift up to the sky Soaring and roaring as I fly 
The dragon inside us is I became Lying on wind 
and breathing flame A dragon rests in every soul 
And it makes up part of every whole Shining 
bright into the night Radiant halos above 
the white a angel kindness is what I bring 
Raising hearts with my light ring An angel 
rests in every soul And makes up part of every whole 
Twisting through the forest leaves Making colored, 
artful weaves Bringing joy, bringing art 
A faerie brings to us the gift of heart 
A faerie rests in every soul And makes up part 
of every whole Rising from gashes 
and burning ashes Fiery hearts and bravery 
flashes Coming back from cuts and stings 
Like a phoenix on my wings 
A phoenix rests in every soul 
And makes up part of every whole 
Thinking big, Building high We are not afraid 
to try We will explore our human minds 
And try to make what we will find A human 
makes up every soul And builds up all 
of every whole Every creature has its role 
Of making up the inner soul

I Walk Through Fire
by Carynne W.

I walk through fire,
It whispers to me.
This fire within me is burning deep, 
With the strength of the flames,
I will walk through fire.
The world is my wood, the food for my fire
Fear is not gonna dampen my flames.
The shadows will not darken my shames,
I will walk through fire.
From the bottom of my feet
To the top of my head,
A journey through my spirit, bend to bend,
I will walk through fire. 

I Love You
by Carl 

Please forgive me. You don’t have to.
I love you, please understand.
It got me, like the Spanish sand.
Two Thousand Thirteen was a horrible year.
It went up and down the form of a pear.

There are people I hate and people I love.
But you stand out the most
Like the black roast.

Pills you ate them like candy.
The doctors said it’s good for you.
But you didn’t trust them
Just like there were almost custom.

They took you away
And the skies turned gray.
The doctors were wrong
They lost a game of pong…

I love you Mom.

by Sarah F.

Everyone tells,
The untrue tale,
Of the unkind creature,
Plotting beneath,
The feet of the kind.

The truth,
The demon,
Is everyone around us,
Smiling, laughing, “kind”.

No one tells,
The story of the day,
The day the demon was born,
The day man was.

The day man was born,
The day our reign began,
The demon is no creature,
No virus,
He’s man.

We were born.

And then our selfish hands,
Grasped the sky,
And pulled, 
Leaving the once comforting blue blanket,
A dark and dreary grey.

And then our selfish hands,
Grasped other animal homes,
And puled,
Leaving them on their own,
To freeze, and die from the cold. 

And then our selfish hands,
Had nothing to grasp then our own kind,
And we pulled,
And the planes flew,
And bombs dropped,
On cities.

Cities stolen from the dead,
Cities turning the sky grey. 

Maybe they deserved destruction, 
Maybe we do. 

We will bring our own destruction,
If we ignore,
The demons hidden,
Within us all.

by Virginia 

I creep and crawl into your scrawny brain
Making you and other people go insane 
Chasing you and tormenting you 
When you feel the anger and rage, that's your queue 
Wandering throughout not just “the hood”
I can be sourer and meaner than any man should
I manipulate people into trying me out
How many? That high, I can’t even count.
I can move as whimsical as a snake 
And as determined as a boxer ready for a retake
I have scared all in this room, right here right now 
If not, you are going to feel the pain I create somehow
I will find you no matter who you are.

by Nick P.

Take this whitened glue
Mend by sore gray heart together
Take it between your
Ice-cold marble fingers; carefully
Take your desert eyes, arid and meek
Turn them into a darkling sky
Take your soaked cheeks dipped in regret
Plant two ruby roses
Roots stretched against your thoughts
Take my bitter life, like hardened bread
Sprinkle joy in between
Don’t run into the waving forest
Turn back to me; I need your diamond eyes
Take your darkened thoughts
Place warmth and color between
Take this whitened glue
We can mend our lives again
As your salt-filled tears stream your cheeks
Know, in your starry, violet eyes
We can love again


Here I stand on this wall,
With nothing to do at all.
I watch people come and go,
They think they're so smart; but little do they know,
That time is a precious thing.
And here, its name I sing.

Too many people waste this thing called time,
While I just sit with no one to hear my chime.
You should spend more time doing things you love,
Because when push comes to shove,
Time is short, it's not something to be wasted.

I've seen too many people leave this life,
With hatred, fear, and strife.
I suggest you spend your time
Loving, and always be humble and kind.

Here I stand, ticking by,
On this wall up high.
Just watching time go by.

Phillip Shabazz